Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Russian Roulette

Gun to head and so the game begins
The bets rolling in,
the lone survivor wins..

A bullet in the chamber
Six to one the odds..
the odds of life and death..
The ghastly instant..
someone's last breath

Click Click... the chamber rotates
Time to die!
or will it be a lucky break

The greedy patrons..
oblivious of the horror..
the horror that swept..
the players.. face to face..
Lambs led to slaughter in this deathly race...

The cold metal against skin
Fingers trembling amid the fucking din

Trigger pulled..
The agonising wait..
But will death be fooled?

Blast goes the gun
Blood spouting out..
the game takes its price

A life lost, A dollar earned
Who's next in line to play..any takers?
for his blood, the gun next yearns..

The macabre of the game
Lost on all..the same
The addiction, the thrill
..the trip is too much to take..beyond any will..

As I place the gun to my head
I think of something I didn't to this day
Could these be my last words
these words I could just say..