Friday, December 10, 2010


Friends not so long ago, estranged now..
This strange conundrum of fate
Is this the end of it all?
I wonder...
Will our bond, to life's fickle whims surrender?

Flying through winds of dissent..
of shared misery
The joy of it all..
the carefree glee
mocking those with weary shoulders
the kinds fooling themselves..
the mere placeholders..

Drifting along like connoisseurs
in an endless array of delectable artforms..
now all that seems eons along

The imperfections..
the disapprobations
reared their ugly head
like a sleeping monster, out of nowhere
laying waste to what lies ahead..

You said I didn't care
that I didn't bother
I hope this lets you know, the truth couldn't be farther..

With every piece why does this jigsaw seem further incomplete?
Is this the end of it all I wonder
Gone with the wind to eternally surrender?