Monday, November 22, 2010

As embers dress the sky

Sitting under this pale imposing oak
Under the moonlit azure skies

Thirsty for your love
for your touch I pine
like the parched earth
for a drop of water so divine

I am but a marionette
on love's string
I am but a pained poet
for fickle love's whim 

Without your presence
My soul lingers on aimless
obtrused by your overpowering need.
Is this the realization of a golden dawn? 
or yet does the daunting night persist

Draped in Ethereal beauty
you appear..
But the dream shatters....
shattered by the nonchalant unrelenting truth

The bitter truth ....

As I stare out into the starlit
now velvet sky
my affections seem a malediction
yet addicted am I to this sweet affliction

Here's to love, the great sickness
the herald of eternal misery....