Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lake Fritha

Act I
"Oh the wonders the lord creates
These marvels for which to conjure, he deigns
This pastoral beauty around me
sings to me, a solemn yet soothing madrigal
while the sun shines in all its glory
This truth we all see
But I shall never forget!

But for a moment
for all but a fleeting moment
The sky goes dark
Coldness engulfs the plains
The sun bears a cold white mask
Birds scamper to their burrows
The wolves howl
Is this the end?
Has God forsaken us?
Is this the inevitable damnation we brought upon us?

Will the earth devour us all?
Will the sky fall upon us?
Will the mountains run off?
Will the lakes turn crimson?

But then
the crescent rays appear
It is not over..

We have escaped the weight of darkness..
To drown in another, solemn nihil.

Act II

Mount of Tormod:
"I am the one
the protector of my love
from every evil..
every repugnant soul

I see cold disregard
this pillaging I witness
Fritha...(cold whispers)
Bloody tears I shed
for those damned, will suffer

With icy hands I bury my love
Her tomb damp with my piercing tears
Snow falls on these wounds
My tears shall never freeze
for they will live on forever
with her sacred, virgin soul..


"Ragged, raped, disfigured
a corpse led to rot
in a long forgotten grave

My decadence shall fill you with misery
for you are but caricatures of God

This peril I portend
shall engulf you
and posterity

This truth you see but choose to forget
this truth which I shall take to my black tomb

This silence shall pierce your ears
These ghouls within me shall torment you
A blackened curse to those who corrupt these sacrosanct waters
A curse to those who lay waste to these poignant haunts

This truth you see but choose to forget
this truth which I shall take to my black tomb"


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